Bulk Delivery, Truckload full of Totes full of compost

1 Cubic Yard Of Compost

Order ahead and we'll load your truck or deliver a little over 1 Cubic Yard of our best compost (around 550 lbs. depending on the moisture).

Delivery to City of Pittsburgh and surrounding areas is available for $40 upon checkout. We deliver in totes, so it's perfect for hard to reach urban gardens!

We'll call you to confirm your pickup at our site on Wednesday, Friday, or Sunday morning.

We'll dump 14 Totes full of fresh sifted compost into your truck. Ideal for raised beds and vegetable gardening.

Our compost is made from food waste and wood chips. It is treated by thermophyllic (above 131 deg. F) composting. It is cured for 2-4 months then sifted through 1/2" screen.

For bulk pricing above 1 Cu. Yd. please call 412-778-0140. Leave a message and we'll get back to you within 1 business day.